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Connect directly to your electrical parts distributor with Arclight.

We work with hundreds of electrical parts distributors across the United States to make it easy to find the parts you need and add them to your quotes, jobs, or invoices.



  • Add parts from your distributor, with your margin built in, to a quote

  • Add labor with custom rates to a quote

  • Add your own miscellaneous items to a quote

  • Customers can approve a quote in the app or online via text or email

  • Assign quotes to staff and schedule them on their calendar


  • Approved quotes become jobs automatically

  • Parts and labor estimates from approved quotes copied to the job

  • Assign jobs to staff and schedule them on their calendar

  • Job timer allows for complete tracking of all time spent on a job

  • Add or remove parts and labor without impacting the quote


  • Jobs accepted by your customer become invoices.

  • Choose between quoted or actual parts and labor when creating the invoice

  • Send invoices directly to your customer from within Arclight OR

  • Send invoices to QuickBooks for processing

Video Tutorials



Phone. Tablet. Desktop.

Office. Truck. Basement.

Since you could be working anywhere, we have to work everywhere. Arclight is available across all your devices and in all the places you do business.

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